Packing Fraction - Julie E. Czerneda

Originally appeared in Professionally Speaking, December 1999

No Limits: Developing Scientific Literacy Using Science Fiction
By Julie E. Czerneda

Packing Fraction & Other Tales of Science & Imagination

Edited by Julie E. Czerneda

Author Jeffrey Carver says that one of science fiction’s greatest strengths is "the ability to spark creativity and awareness in the minds and hearts of young readers." Julie Czerneda’s teacher workbook and companion student anthology provide an excellent resource that will help teachers tap into several different modes of thought in science, art and literature, allowing an exciting merger of scientific literacy, critical analysis and creative thought.

No Limits is a workbook that science fiction author Czerneda created based on a series of in-class workshops. It contains detailed information to help teachers use science fiction literature to encourage students to assess scientific information.

Complete with photocopiable classroom-ready worksheets, it offers suggestions on using science fiction to encourage critical reading skills and provides fuel for classroom discussions about moral and ethical issues facing the scientific community. It includes lesson ideas, activities and extension ideas, as well as annotated versions of the stories in the companion anthology Packing Fraction. And if the teacher prefers to use other stories for a source, No Limits offers a list of recommended print materials, web sites and tips on obtaining other science fiction materials for use in the classroom.

Packing Fraction, the student anthology, is a collection of stories by such authors as Robert J. Sawyer, Charles Sheffield, Josepha Sherman and Carolyn Clink. Each story was written specifically to outline issues in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Applied Science and Technology and contains a biographical listing for each author. The stories are accessible to most high school students, and are ideal for students who may never have encountered science fiction literature before.

No Limits: Developing Scientific Literacy Using Science Fiction; Toronto, Trifolium Books Inc, 1998; ISBN 1895579945; $24.95.

Packing Fraction & Other Tales of Science & Imagination: Toronto, Trifolium Books Inc, 1998; ISBN 1895579899; $6.95.


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