Night Screams - Ed Gorman, Martin Greenberg

Originally published in Crossroads Vol 5 No 15 (June 1996)

Althought this anthology does contain a few reprinted stories, there are many new titles from some of the very best twisted minds in the field of horror fiction.

Highlights include F. Paul Wilson's "The Wringer" which is a compelling story of exactly how far a man will bend his morals to get his kidnapped family back. Al Sarrantino serves up a powerful story of one teen's malicious rebellion upon sipping from a jug of "White Lightning." Ray Bradbury's "Corpse Carnival" is an excellent moody mystery involving the tragic life of carnival freaks. Richard Laymon's "Good Vibrations" takes the old Beach Boys motif of sun and sand as a way of life to a new depth.

My favorite from this volume would have to be David Gerrold's "...And Eight Rabid Pigs." If you've had it with all the commercial hoopla surrounding Christmas, you'll probably love this hilairously wicked spoof of Santa. This time, Satan Clause is coming to town. There'll be no visions of sugar plums here.

In all, a good collection.


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