Blood Crazy - by Simon Clark

Originally appeared in Crossroads Vol 5. No 15 (June 1996)

What if, one morning you woke not to the gentle voice of your mother calling you to breakfast, but instead to the savage screams of your parents as they attempted to tear you to pieces with their bare hands?

This is the basic premise for Blood Crazy.

One Sunday morning, Nick Aten discovers that every adult in the world is driven to kill the young, especially their own children. The confused survivors of the initial attack huddle together in terrified little communities, fighting desperately to stay alive as hordes of insane adults work like an unstoppable unified killing machine.

Simon Clark weaves an original apocalyptic horror novel that explores a fascinating premise. Terror and gore are mixed with societal introspective comments on our psychological and spiritual makeup.

Though, at times, the narrator for this tale seems to write beyond his understanding of the world, it is a satisfying, thrilling story. If you read only one "end of the world" novel this year, let it be Blood Crazy.


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